Jonathan Perez is a 29-year-old type designer and graphic designer,
graduated of the École Estienne. He has created the type foundry
typographies.fr, whose work has been exhibited in twelve countries.
He has been awarded at the Letter.2 Competition of the Association
Typographique Internationale and by the Type Directors Club of New
York. In parallel with his work, he has given lectures on typography.
He regularly collaborates with film director Léa Fabreguettes.


Colvert → FontShop
Natalia Chuvatin (C), Jonathan Perez (L), Kristyan Sarkis (A) and Irene Vlachou (G)

Lectures, lessons and workshops

Lectures, lessons and workshops → Contact
Lectures, lessons and workshops on history of writing, type design or typographic rules.


Cadence → FontShop
Revival of an ornamental metal type font from the French typefoundry Jules Didot.

Custom type

Custom type → Contact
Custom type for publishing houses, research institutes and advertising agencies.


Chapitre → FontShop
Based on the principle of the endless knot, a symbol used in Hinduism and Buddhism.


L’attente [French] → Vimeo
Credits for the animated short film of Léa Fabreguettes and Mathilde Lacroix.

Jonathan Perez
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